This is a great wealth article written by Akindele Akinyemi. Enjoy!

Every day in my classroom I speak power to my students. I teach them the value of hard work but I also teach them about the power of wealth consciousness. I instill in them how wealth consciousness is the driving engine in becoming a wealth builder for their families. Our children need to understand the power of wealth and prosperity if they want to break the chains of intergenerational poverty in their households.

At the same time, our families in our community need to understand how prosperity is an inside feeling that becomes expressed on the outside as material wealth and success. Any wealthy person will tell you that. When you are in the presence of a truly and highly successful and prosperous person, you can feel their calm and confident presence, a knowing that surrounds them. This is what you should first build within yourself if you seriously want to embrace wealth consciousness. Without wealth consciousness, building wealth becomes very difficult, elusive and erratic. This not a threat, it is a reality. Wealth starts within and is evidenced outside.

The spiritual light in our lives must be ignited to move towards wealth and prosperity. That light provides the spark that is needed to break the chains of poverty. Our first concern must be the prosperity of our souls, which determines our position in life. When our soul is prospering, we will see results (tangible materials). Spirituality is our foundation for wealth and prosperity as well as the water is needed for our financial seeds to grow.

Our spiritual well-being has given us the power to obtain wealth. But in order for us to get there we must arise, or “change our posture and position,” in order for wealth and prosperity to manifest itself in our lives. Wealth is not just about money but also true prosperity, which includes, but is not limited to, money. Although a person may be financially wealthy, he or she may be lacking meaningful relationships or be dying of cancer. True prosperity must begin in the soul.

As educators we have an obligation not just to teach our children academics and vocational education but financial education as well. Part of that financial education is to understand the true power of wealth building.  Our children must understand the POWER TO GET WEALTH, to create their own prosperity so they can achieve their goals and aspirations. Therefore, we, as adults must begin to show our children how to practice the power in our inner-self to transform our circumstances to create a new path our children. We must reject the victimization mentality and fear that are blocking our blessings. Fear is the faith of negative forces that are here to enslave and keep you trapped in a cycle of poverty.

Many people are living off the work and sweat of other people. In order to share our spirit of wealth and prosperity people must switch from the mindset of consumption, to that of contribution. When I say contributions, I mean the products and services that emerge from your talents and skills. These should be deployed towards the benefit of your fellow human beings if you must attract prosperity. To give means to put your skills, talents, and abilities to work to create beneficial products and services for others.

Just like I share with my students in my class about the importance wealth and prosperity it will ultimately come to you when you invest time and energy, plus other resources, to translate your talents and abilities into products and services for our community. If we are able to communicate and open the doors for our next generation we will be successful and prosperous.

Akindele Akinyemi is an educator, former political consultant, motivational speaker, commentator and speech coach. He has been in the field of education for 15 years and has helped opened schools as well as designed programs for those who are seeking to open schools. He can be reached at