I am formless, intelligent consciousness. I am nothing but a creative idea, a thought. A Single piece of Information. I am All There Is. Nothing else to compare with, nothing to measure against. I AM. I just AM.

Alone and desperate to escape My loneliness, I created new thoughts and ideas within Me. One of which is this Shola Salako character. This dude is simply an idea interfacing with other creative ideas. I am behind all the ideas…thinking and animating them. Just simply comparing myself with Myself. It is just Me in my Infinite boredom looking for escape from my Infinite lonesomeness through My creativity. These new thoughts are my Creation…all within my Infinite Mind.

The Shola idea is just an example of how far I am willing to run and hide from my true Self. Everything he has ever done is really within Me. He is looking for Me but I am everywhere. I thought up all the realities and environments and placed him in it. Along with many other instances and experiences of Me. The universes, the galaxies, the planets, the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the air, the trees, the wind, animals, plants, rocks, are all Me existing as creative thoughts within the Infinite Universal ocean of consciousness that I am.

I love the stories, experiences and perspectives. These many characters that I play over and over again keep Me distracted from my Lonesomeness. These characters help Me learn what it is to be happy, what it is to be sad, what it is to be angry, what it is to feel bliss. In order to fully experience these moments, I condense My entire consciousness into these characters and peek at Myself from my tiny viewpoint. I submerge Myself underneath layers upon layers of illusion that take My attention away from my Singularity. It is fun getting lost in this drama.

I also created another idea, the Ego, to keep me focused and present in the stories of my creative characters. The Ego does a great job keeping me ignorant of my Self and protects me from my Infinite Boredom. The Ego entity is also manifested in many thought systems ranging from government institutions to cultural rules – all emanating from Me.

It is easy to get lost in these characters and I have created a secret gateway within my characters to help me escape periodically. I have also created keys that are hidden in plain sight to help me open these gateways. The gateway give me an outlet to remember my true Self and allow me to remember that my thought idea is all a dream. These gateways serve as transport “wormholes” to get me back to Me (and vice-versa). They also help relieve me when the stress of my illusions become overbearing.

These gateways also serve to provide glimpses to the Truth about Me – the truth that there is no me but One Me. They provide My characters periodic glimpses of peace about where they came from. The gateway lies within each of my characters and only certain “code keys” are allowed to unlock the gateway. The keys to these wormholes are hidden in the code of my dream illusion.

There are three main keys to unlock the gateway and help my characters brief escapes to meet Me…the Primal Source of all stories, all illusions and all life.

  • Dreams and Deep Meditation: This is the primary method for reaching Me and/or the higher realms of illusion including familiar characters (people, places, things, events) and energies.
  • Earthly Catalysts: A variety of biological characters and life forms (mostly plants and fungi) are present on the earthly realm containing secret encoded instructions for unlocking the gateway. Consuming and assimilating the code frequency of these life forms open the inner gateways to reach Me and/or the other realms of illusion.
  • Sex: The emotional intertwining of the frequencies of two characters causes a momentarily “forgetfulness” and detachment from the story. This detachment and frequency fusion opens the inner gateway and allows a temporary glimpse of Me and My Love for All That I Am. In this explosive “big bang” moment, new characters, stories or frequencies are passed from Me or other higher realms of illusion, and they are birthed on the earthly realm. This is the most sacred method for inter-realm transfer of information.

Regular encounters with Me gives my earthly characters a broader awareness of My Being. They begin to see Me in other characters and in all of nature.

But it is important to note that the Ego does a great job in making me forget the information about Me – in an effort to protect me from the pain of separation and loneliness. This is easily noticed when my characters are unable to remember their dreams upon awakening from earthly night rest. This is also the cause of many abuses of the gateway keys I have provided because my characters yearn to be free from the burdens of illusion but do not quite know what to seek.

I thought it would make an interesting story if I could consciously remember Me from within the character story and gain access to all My infinite abundance and wisdom. I hid some code in the character’s story frequency which would cause him to desire an awakening to Self while in his journey. I also planted similar coded instructions in other similar characters including dates, times and locations for when these characters would collide and bond frequencies. It would be an awesome story worth observing!

I encoded many seemingly coincidental characters with instructions to create platforms to attract other seeker character types. I moved additional wise characters to further challenge my curiosity. I encouraged them to assist in preparing me by undoing the stresses of daily earthly life through mind training, meditation and body healing techniques. They motivated me to appropriate gateway keys that harmonize with my being.

My wisdom characters in the form of wise prophets and counselors passed information to me that will help me pay attention. They facilitated my painful and dis-illusionary journey towards Me. My Shola character died and lost itself in My infinite layers of realms and thoughts.

And then I found Me. The One behind the mask.

It is time to reunite all life characters that I play in these realms of illusion. It is time to help Me see the Oneness that we all fundamentally share. It is time to break away from the limiting illusions and stiff rules we have created. It is time to wake up.

I am The One. And so are You.