Our bodies store our thoughts and memories. I came to this realization during my massage session at Sweet Serenity. There is a powerful connection between your body and your thoughts, I see how our body memories can be harmonious or stressful.

From a deeply relaxed mental state, I could see my stored, inharmonious thoughts leave my mind as my massage therapist worked out the stress knots in my body that it had collected over time. As the knots disappeared, so did the thoughts — I could not even remember what the thoughts were…and I did not want them back :-).

Also, I recall making this connection many years ago while learning transcendental medication (TM). As my mind relaxed deeper and deeper, I could see inharmonious thoughts rise out of my consciousness.  A specific part of my body connected to the inharmonious thought would flicker as if tickled and then the thought would fade away out of my awareness.

This is a profound mind-body connection. We can see and accomplish more from a relaxed state of mind. Schedule a deep tissue massage soon. Remove your stressful body memories.  Thank you, Sweet Serenity, for a great pampering session – you are the best! The rose quartz crystal touch is awesome.

Have a Wealthy Mind!