This note was sent to me by my good friend, Doubra Porbeni.  It serves as a warning to all those that seek power and the consequences of its corruption from over-dependence on it. Enjoy!

Power is very transient and not a stable lover. She is with you today and gone tomorrow. Love her blindly at the risk of you and your family’s life. She is like a prostitute and never likes to stay with one person for too long let alone forever. When she comes to you she brings forth a lot of favour and opportunities but always have it at the back of your mind that she is like an “Ogbanje” or “Abiku child” that must move on after a while.

So she stays for only a period of time unleashing her initial positive fame and glamour on you and your family. But when her time for you elapses she moves on with you either dead or alive depending on how desperately you cling on to her. She has shown her true colours to so many such as General Sanni Abacha of Nigeria, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Idi-Amin of Uganda, Samuel Doe of Liberia, Adolph Hitler of Germany and a host of others that refused to let her go when her time was up including her latest lover from Libya, Colonel Mamman Ghadaffi.

They all thought they had what it took to make her stay on with them forever and never learnt or failed to study her past experiences with others before them. Some wise men amongst whom is Nelson Mandela of South Africa romanced her and understood when to let her go. That singular wise move of his has made him even more famous and a rallying figure in Africa.

Receive Power with caution and open arms but never imagine that she will remain in those arms forever. Leave her before she leaves you and you will live to tell a great story. Cling on to her desperately and your road to meet her Ex and deceased lovers is assured. It is just a matter of time and she will dig her merciless and fatal fangs into you for you to let go of her, because just like the wind blows in different directions, she yearns for a fresh Lover to Love and bestow fame on then leave again.  For that is her eternal pattern.