This morning as I gazed out of the large window of a conference room before a meeting with a major client that happens to be the number one manufacturer of automobiles in the world, I could not help but realize one thing: there is wealth and abundance constantly around us.  But most of us are not aware of this truth.

From high up on the thirty-second floor of the building, I admired the snow covered rooftops of the other skyscrapers and watched the tiny cars on the streets work their way through the busy morning traffic.  I watched as commuters went in and out of the tunnel to Canada.  I watched the almost countless flow of cars and trucks cross the bridge over the Detroit River.  I observed the numerous parking garages with many floors of cars.  I read the colorful advertisements on the roofs of the People Mover trains that transport commuters around downtown Detroit.   I surveyed the vast landscape of commercial buildings hosting hundreds or thousands of small and large businesses.

I could not help but see so much abundance all over the place.

Each building is owned by an entity (a person, organization or government) that receives an abundant inflow of income from its tenant businesses.  Someone owns the parking garage receiving income from thousands of cars daily – thinking about the hefty $14.00 I paid the other day.  Some people own the tunnel and bridge charging a fee to every automobile that crosses the US/Canadian border.  Someone owns the People Mover and charges a fee to commuters and advertisers.

Money and abundance is flowing at every second and at every place I looked.

Observing from above and seeing a bigger picture really helped me see how abundant the world really is.  One needs to see the bigger picture of things to truly understand life.   I believe in thinking long term – where do I want to be in five years?  Seeing the bigger perspective will help me determine what I need to be doing right now.

Right now, I need to strategize ways to own more income producing assets.  Ownership is important for attaining freedom in wealth.  Even more important is becoming more aware of the abundance and wealth that surrounds you constantly, and how you may channel the flow of abundance towards more increase and the liberation of your fellow man.  This is part of a proper prosperity consciousness.

Happy New Year!