The law of association states that you are the average of the people you associate with the most.   If you constantly associate with successful business people, you are very likely to be a business success.  If you hang with illegal drug dealers, even if you do not deal drugs, you will attain the mindset of a drug dealer and will eventually become one.

Who are the individuals that you are in contact with most of the time?  One of the ways to determine the people you collaborate with most often is looking at your phone call logs and emails.  I make it a habit to constantly review all my relationships which I separate into three categories:

Positive Relationships:  These are great relationships that add value to my life.  They aid in the progressive realization of my goals and guide some of my decisions.  I enjoy conversations with people in this relationship category and I always leave the conversation in a positively energized state.

Neutral Relationships:   Distant friends, family and acquaintances can fall into this relationship category.  These are individuals that you do not communicate with frequently.  You may see them regularly but may only discuss non-pertinent topics such as the weather, vacation locations and dining trends.  These relationships have the potential of becoming very positive or negative.

Negative Relationships:  These are individuals in conditions that you do not want to be in.  They are very content with their condition and they will be highly offended if you suggest another.   People in this category try to use you to their advantage without considering the negative impacts on your life.  They even make you feel bad or guilty of your positive progress.  If you do not have a strong sense of who you are and where you are going, members of this category are not healthy for you.

Early this morning while I was making some global business phone calls, I had a very powerful conversation with a very good friend of mine.  She is an American-educated top executive based in a foreign country doing great things.  As we reminisced about the things we have gone through in our respective journeys, she reminded me about the importance of gratitude.  Dr John F. Demartini, an educator and author, once said that “whatever we think about and thank about we bring about.”  If you are thankful for the wonderful people in your life, more of the sort will come to you.

I particularly cherish the moments that I reflect on my life.  As I think about the wonderful people that I have been blessed to cross paths with, I always get an emotional surge of energy run through me.  On some occasions, I would even get a phone call or email message from whoever I am being thankful about shortly after the experience.

It is important to end toxic and unfruitful relationships if you are truly serious about attaining a wealthy mindset.  Communicate and collaborate with individuals that have a mindset of well-being and progress.  Your mind will be stimulated and sharpened by the wisdom of others.  Like the Christian Bible states, “as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Surround yourself with people that add value to your life and be thankful for them.  And be thankful for all the future good things that would come your way.