One of my childhood dreams during my time in boarding school in Nigeria was the phantom appearance of a benefactor who would satisfy my hunger at my most desperate moments. My boarding school journey was an era of lonesomeness and lack. There was not much love around, and I did not have much self love either. I dreamed of a mysterious, kind and loving benefactor to help me.

I lived that dream about 25 years later.  Amazingly, I was given an amazing opportunity to go back in time to love myself with pure self love.  I saw myself in these young students: the hunger, the desperation and the hope. It was like I was reconnecting with my younger self from 25 years ago and fulfilling his needs and desires. It is quite a healing feeling.

The mystery benefactor that I had dreamed of decades ago turned out to be me.  Special thanks to Samson Ayomide, a student of Federal Government College, Ogbomosho, my alma mater, for the kind opportunity when he approached me for a conversation during my visit to the school. He was my gateway to expressing self love.

Many thanks for Makinde Oyewole and Mubarak Giwa, both sons of my former classmates, Mrs. Funmi Alamu-Oyewole and Mrs. Funke Jatto-Giwa respectively, who had accompanied their respective mothers during our 25th anniversary reunion.

This video is dedicated to the students of Federal Government College, Ogbomosho and all boarding schools in Africa – past, present and future. I am you and you are me. We are in this together. Our self love unites us always.

And my deepest gratitude to my fellow warriors and survivors of class of 1993 FGC Ogbomosho. I could not have done this without you. An amazing joy and experience reuniting with you after 25 years! Very blessed to share this life’s journey with each of you. I love you all.