I would like to share a topic that is very important to all of us: money. Money is an energy form — it is not the paper that you put in your pocket or wallets, or the gold you have stored in your vaults. I like to look at money as this mighty flow, like a big river, flowing endlessly to nourish and fulfill the desires of my heart. Spend it to receive more of it. Keep it flowing.

Money is one of the best servants that I know. You need to look at it in the right perspective: never chase it as it is not your master.  Rather, let money chase you instead. It is your servant.  See it as a flow of energy looking for chores to do for you.  When you have a desire, don’t wait to have the money, worrying and thinking about how you’re going to afford that awesome house or that dream vacation or those luxurious cars that you’ve always wanted. When you make a decision and follow your heart towards your desires, money flows after you.

I would like to share a powerful lesson I learned from an elder decades ago when I was growing up in Lagos, Nigeria. My father hired some well diggers to dig a deep well so we could have water for our needs.  Every day, they would dig and dig manually — these guys had huge muscles and they kept digging by hand with pickaxes and shovels. They used a bucket to pull the earth out of the hole hundreds or thousands of times.  One day, they told me that they hit water. The well digger squeezed a clump of earth and a few drops came out.

I didn’t think that was enough water: we can’t take showers with that quantity or cook or do anything.  However, he told me something quite profound. He said that we needed to use the water, no matter how little it is. Spend it.  Keep using the water and the earth learns over time to always replenish that spot.  Depending on the rate of use, the earth starts to build underground channels sending more water to replenish what is taken. Nature abhors vacuums.

I’m not a huge believer of keeping massive savings and hoarding money in banks or other forms of large financial savings.  That is a fear-based habit worrying about a future that hasn’t happened yet.  We’re constantly worrying about the future: in case something goes wrong, in case we get seriously ill or get poor.  We are hoarding money and holding the thoughts of the things that we do not desire.  Stored money is practically useless: it is only in movement that money serves its purpose.  Hoarding it without a specific goal starts to corrupt,  giving a false feeling of well-being based on something that is not real.

I would really encourage you to go after your dreams — go after what you want.  Spend the money and attract more of it. Help people, give them resources. Please take a look at Agents of Hope — a charity I founded years ago. It is my outlet for helping people when I have excess money.  I donate it so we can build schools, help with school supplies, with food, shelter and the basic necessities for our fellow human beings.

Keep your river of wealth flowing always. Spend it cheerfully to receive more of it.  Money is happy to help you…it loves you and wants to serve you. Let it serve loyally. Stay true to your heart and be yourself.

I bid you peace blessings and a wealthy mind. God bless.